TRB3-HL7 MagStor LTO7 6TB Thunderbolt 3 Tape Drive LTO-7 TAA




6TB tape capacity, 300MB/s native transfer rate, LTFS Compliance, 13.4×5.8×8.8 inch dimension, 12.7 lbs weight



MagStor Thunderbolt ™ 3 Desktop Tape Drives come standard with two front facing Thunderbolt ™ 3 40 Gb/sec interface ports - 1 for connection to your MAC or PC; 1 for daisy chaining your other Thunderbolt ™ devices. Single drive units also include a 3.5” HDD Tray-less Hot– Swap Dock; a Built-in Power Supply unit (no bulky adapters or bricks taking up your desk space); and, a standard 3 Year Warranty (upgrade to 5 years optional). Dual Tape Drive units replace the Hot-Swap Dock with a second tape drive: 2 x LTO 8; 2 x LTO 7 or 2 x LTO 6. Looking to store your digital assets on LTO 8 but have previous data on prior LTO generations? No problem! The MagStor Migrate unit pairs an LTO 8 Drive with an LTO 6 Drive - allowing for migrations from, or access to, all the way back to LTO 4! MagStor LTO 6/7/8 Desktop Tape Drives support the Linear Tape File System(LTFS). LTFS software allows users to drag and drop files to tape just as easily asthey would to disk. Further, LTFS tape is designed to be interchangeable amongst compatible LTO drives - whether internally or externally for data sharing or collaboration. LTFS is non-proprietary across all software platforms.


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