HPRT New Product MT880 Mobile A4 Printer

HPRT New Product | MT880 Mobile A4 Printer, A Gadget for Business Man


Attracted by the appearance of the MT880 mobile A4 printer

mobile A4 printer

Black appearance with smooth lines.

A4 printer

Compact design, MT880 can easily fit into the briefcase.


Print A4 paper in between your sip of coffee with no hassle.

Print A4 paper

Built-in large-capacity battery and USB port power supply.

USB A4 Printer

Fall in love with the functions of the MT880 portable A4 printer

MT880 can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

portable A4 printer

Clear handwriting with one click, review documents, and sign contracts more efficiently, making business negotiation easier.

Bluetooth A4 Printer

Supporting a variety of templates, compatible with a variety of formats. Mobile office, emergency document printing without anxiety.

mobile A4 printer

Powerful collaboration functions, and support for multi-person links. Home office gadget, and team information sharing is more worry-free.

Home A4 Printer

Be faithful to the quality and craftsmanship of MT880

Portable printer

Thermal transfer technology, no ink cartridges are required. Say goodbye to printer clogging.

Thermal transfer printer

Built-in flattening system and cutter to cut the paper.

Print A4 paper

HPRT has been dedicated to the thermal printing industry for 18 years. And we are one of the pioneers of mobile A4 printers.

Official Certificate of HPRT Patent