All-in-one Backup Solutions for WordPress

QNAP Introduces License-free, All-in-one Backup Solutions for WordPress

MARS-WordPress backup

MARS assists website owners in simplifying WordPress backup, recovery, and migration

Taipei, Taiwan, June 2, 2022 – WordPress powers 40% of the websites in the world, and a website shutdown could cause immense loss to organizations or individuals. QNAP® Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, has reinforced its license-free, all-in-one backup/restore solution with support for WordPress by introducing the brand-new Multi-Application Recovery Service (MARS). Businesses and website owners can easily leverage the user-friendly MARS interface and reliable QNAP NAS to back up, recover, and migrate WordPress sites, simplifying backup management and restarting website services in the shortest time.

“Increasing cyberattacks have emphasized the need for site backup. When planning site backup, many users can struggle with the complexity of WordPress backup, restore, and migration operations,” said Haru Lin, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “QNAP MARS makes site backup extremely easy and optimized for backing up WordPress files and databases to a QNAP NAS.”

Efficient WordPress backup/restore, and site migration

Many WordPress users do not back up their site due to complex backup procedures; others rely on backup services from their WordPress host but overlook the risks of system corruption or cyberattacks. With the license-free QNAP MARS, users can batch backup their WordPress files and database and take advantage of backup scheduling based on website update frequency, enjoying reduced backup costs and complexity. Moreover, backups can also be used for any WordPress host, making site restore/migration quick and easy.


QNAP NAS supports snapshots against ransomware threats

As a private cloud, QNAP NAS provides reliable data storage that prevents data loss from cyberattacks or hardware failure, and users have more control over their resources and backup data. Multi-version snapshots can effectively mitigate ransomware threats for enhanced data protection. QNAP NAS capacity can be scaled by connecting economical storage expansion units, fulfilling greater backup capacity requirements as the website grows.

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