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Security Trilogy: Remote Backup Protection & Local Fast Recovery
When the enterprise system suffers data threats, downtime starts ticking. The sooner the service is restored, the less financial loss the business will suffer. Through local synchronization or snapshots to backup data in the local system, you can use the  backup file to restore or replace the service immediately. Since backup is taking place at the local side, backup processing will be fast and resource-free. By using local fast recovery, you can easily achieve an RTO of almost 0.

Snapshots record the status of data, representing exactly what your data looked like at the moment the snapshot was taken. By taking snapshots, you can navigate through old and new data versions to recover data. With the local snapshot function, the newest generation of snapshot speediness is in your hands – equipped with the ultimate recovery performance, local snapshot is an ideal fast recovery solution. Snapshots are just one of many backup methods if the situation is getting worse and your entire system is down. You may need a complete backup plan including several remote backup sites as insurance. This is the time to avoid putting our eggs in the same basket. Through remote backup, risk is dispersed by storing backup in the remote device, and disaster recovery can be achieved in real-time for a more complete backup plan.

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Remote Backup Protection
Remote backup protection provides assurance and risk management for enterprise data and services. Effective planning with the use of appropriate storage devices reduces downtime during disasters. A comprehensive remote backup plan provides good tolerance for risk and disaster, preventing subsequent serious situations from escalating.

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QSAN Backup Plan
QSAN’s data security trilogy is a holistic concept that helps you deploy your data security plan more specifically in the fight against data threats. To summarize, you can protect the most important core data through the first layer of protection. If the device is still invaded, fast recovery can be used as the second layer of protection to recover your service. But, if things go further south and the local device is occupied, remote backup can act as the third layer of protection to quickly restore the system online and maintain business operations, reducing the most serious losses of data threat-downtime.  In this case, we hope that you can understand the key points in establishing data security and complete a security plan of your own in the most efficient way.

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The sources, methods, and losses of the most common data threats.

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