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Security Trilogy: Core Data Protection
As the saying goes, “know thy enemy”: to prevent data threats, we must first understand the source of these attacks. QSAN Security Trilogy provides the best way to help you protect your business data. Core data is the heart of every business: Core data, in particular, is indispensable to every business as it may contain intellectual property rights, financial information, commercial secrets, or even operating data.

Most data threats come from the external net through brute force intrusion, DDoS, or spear-phishing attacks. These threats attack core data or business services to shut down operations and induce financial loss.

The sources, methods, and losses of the most common data threats.

Core Data Protection is the first line of defense in the data security trilogy. The purpose of this Protection is to keep any data threats away, preventing malicious software and hackers from invading core data and business services. The protection of core data can only be considered complete when the following requirements are met:

The best way to prevent complete destruction of your data brought by these threats is to prepare in advance. If you are well prepared, you can avoid major losses and damages. QSAN combines years of storage equipment and data security experience to compile for you our Security Trilogy in order to assist you in better protecting your business core data.

Check these following steps:
Part One – Core Data Protection
Part Two – Local Fast Recovery
Part Three – Remote Backup Protection
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The sources, methods, and losses of the most common data threats.

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QSAN has been a forward-looking pioneer in the IT industry that is committed to data protection. QSAN creates simple, safe, reliable, and uninterrupted storage services to businesses for all sizes. Our high-cost performance ratio connects the global leaders that help them turn data into creative momentum, build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, and make flexible strategies to enhance business operations. We’ve been developing strong relationships with worldwide partners to empower businesses with instant delivering services and comprehensive solutions. High-end-enterprise-level performance and agile management have proven records by thousands of organizations, which are taken seriously by us through any stage of their careers. QSAN aims to make a positive impact on data and become the force of our customers’ success because we believe all businesses deserve the best opportunity.
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