Core Data Proctection

As the saying goes, “know thy enemy”: to prevent data threats, we must first understand the source of these attacks. QSAN Security Trilogy provides the best way to help you protect your business data. Core data is the heart of every business: Core data, in particular, is indispensable to every business as it may contain… Read More

Data Proctection

When the enterprise system suffers data threats, downtime starts ticking. The sooner the service is restored, the less financial loss the business will suffer. Through local synchronization or snapshots to backup data in the local system, you can use the  backup file to restore or replace the service immediately. Since backup is taking place at the local… Read More

Retrospect Backup // New Year’s Data Resolution

What is the number one worry we hear about from customers? Ransomware. Businesses are projected to have paid out $20B in 2021, a 100% Y-o-Y increase for the last four years, and it’s only going to get worse with new business models like RaaS: ransomware-as-a-service. Retrospect Backup uses Object Lock to create Immutable Backups. These… Read More
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