Security Counselor

Security Counselor

Your security portal for QNAP NAS

Check, scan, and secure

With elevated security threats spreading over the Internet, the Security Counselor checks for weaknesses and offers recommendations to secure your data against multiple attack methods. Security Counselor also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware software to ensure the complete protection of your QNAP NAS. With these features, Security Counselor helps secure your NAS and gives you extra peace of mind.

  • Choose from three default security policies and run a manual/ scheduled security checkup. You can also customize your own security policy.

  • You can scan for viruses or malware in the Overview. Anti-virus and anti-malware software can be installed in the Security Applications.

  • Edit your security settings and stay up-to-date by reading QNAP Security Advisories to learn more about how you can protect your NAS and data.

A dashboard for staying ahead of security threats

The dashboard provides an overview of Security Checkup and major security components of the NAS. You can enable/disable components, check the last operation dates, read reports on the same screen, or select to run a specific function/component with a single click.

Set a preferred security policy, or customize it to your needs

Based on the security requirements of your network environment, you can choose one of the three default security policies (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced). The Security Checkup function will use your selected policy when it scans your system. You can also configure your own policy by selecting the Custom security policy.

  • Basic

    Security Policy

  • Intermediate

    Security Policy

  • Advanced

    Security Policy

  • Custom

    Security Policy

Run a security checkup, or schedule as you need it

A Security Checkup can be run manually or on a scheduled basis to ensure maximum protection. The schedule can be set in multiple ways (daily/weekday/weekend/specific day of the week) to ensure your work stays uninterrupted. You can click on scan results, and Security Counselor will take you to the relevant system section to change associated settings for securing your NAS.

Single-app solution for changing security settings, installing security apps and reading security advisories

You can also change additional security settings, install security apps, and read QNAP Security Advisories within Security Counselor. With all of these security functions integrated into a single app, the Security Counselor not just saves time but also provides greater peace of mind.

  • Security Settings

    Adjust additional settings such as IP blocks, secure certificates, password policies, and more.

  • Security Applications

    Malware Remover and McAfee Antivirus apps are currently available.

  • Security Advisories

    Easily check software updates and security advisories released by the QNAP Security Response Team.