Built-in Firewall for QNAP Appliances

QuFirewall is the built-in firewall app used by the QTS, QuTS hero, QNE Network, and QuTScloud operating systems inside QNAP appliances. You can allow/deny IP addresses and regions to prevent unauthorized access and brute force attacks for safeguarding data and service security.

Protect data and service security

With potential threats all around us, it is no longer safe to solely rely on network-based firewall appliances (perimeter) at the edge of your local network. With the new Zero Trust Networks concept, you can install and enable QuFirewall to set up a host-based firewall (microperimeter) around your vital data and services on QNAP appliances. Combined with user authentication, permission settings and other security features provided by QNAP, your appliance will be strong and resilient against hackers, malware, and other threats.

Three preset profiles for quick protection

QuFirewall comes with three fully-customizable profiles for protecting your QNAP appliance. Select one as your starting point and make customizations to fit your specific needs.

  • Basic protection

    Allows all ports on the NAS LAN subnet and the selected region

  • Include subnets only

    Allows all ports on the NAS LAN subnet only

  • Restricted security

    Allows some ports on the NAS LAN subnet and the selected region only

Set rules by regions

QuFirewall includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind. You can select which region to allow/deny access to your QNAP appliance, effectively enhancing security if your data and services should only be available to specific geographic locations.

View firewall event statistics

Quickly check the number of firewall events over time. If needed, you can also capture denied packets for a specified time period.

Use with other QNAP apps

The Security Counselor app monitors QuFirewall’s status and provides recommendations when needed. The Notification Center app can also be used to send QuFirewall notices using various methods (including emails and push notifications).