Remote Storage Replication

Data copies can be distributed to your trusted storage locations through real-time remote backup. By periodically copying data to different branches, your data can be recovered in the unfortunate event that a disaster happens. Data availability is ensured, offering businesses more options for a contingency and recovery plan.

Remote Backup Replication


We’ll Replicate QSAN XN5004R (Source) to QSAN XN3002T (Destination) using Remote Backup with task Real-time remote replication.



  1. Open apps backup & click Remote Backup >> Add Destination.

Remote Backup

  1. Fill Destination Information >> click Confirm

Fill Destination

  1. Adding Task of Replication

Task of Replication

Backup Task

  1. Choose source folder & destination replication >> Confirm >> Next

Select Replication Source

Select Replication Backup Destination

  1. For scheduling replication choose Real-time Replication >> Confirm

Realtime Replication

  1. Replication Finish

Replication Finish

  1. Check your Backup Replication and try adding file. Adding file success, check your source NAS and Target. Enjoy your data can be recovered in the unfortunate event that a disaster happens

Check Backup

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